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testicular pain and pain in lower abdomen

Hi, sorry for writing in english,
about 16 months ago i experienced a sharp tearing pain in my lower abdomen (while working out, doing lying leg curls) i went to the doctor, he pushed on some spot on my abdomen, i felt severe pain and folded my body in pain, when he tried to find this particular spot again the pain was gone and i felt just like normal. (before i couldnt even stand upright, i sat and screamed in agony on my knees) he diagnosed it as a hernia even though there was no visible bulge, and then sent me to a CT-scan.
the CT scan said there was no visible hernia nor injury to the tissue.
the following weeks the pain went more up to the side and occured in a more stabbing, sharper manner. like thrusting a screwdriver into your right lower abdomen. this occasionally happed usually when twisting, pooping, peeing or bending over. i went to the doctor maybe 5 more times and still they gave me no good answer, this ended with a surgeon saying pretty much; "sucks to be you, live with it". so i waited and it went away more and more.
then 10 days ago it came back. tearing pain in the lower abdominal region, at the top of the pelvis. this was when i got up from my chair by my computer. this kind of pain comes pack and forth now, there is also now quite often pain in my right testicle. like someone is slowly crushing it. this testicle pain had its peak when i tried to forcefully pee, this was at a bar so i decided to go to the hotel where i was staying at. the pain was unbearable.. i pushed some on my abdominal area and suddenly out of nowhere the pain subsided and it was back to normal.. kind of.
went to the doctor and he "thought" it was an inflamed inguinal ligament.
any suggestions or thoughts are most welcome. i've been to around 8 doctors, surgeons, naprapaths and the all say diffrent things (they all seem weird) ;
inflamed iliopsoas (hip flexor) bad core strength (which eludes me cause i dont have a weak core) herniated disc inguinal hernia (didnt show on CT inguinal ligament tear prostatitis
kindest regards  and thanks for reading

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