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Fråga: asthma – could it be enough to inhale cortisone only in the morning?

I am a fit and active 79-year-old. Asthma was identified four years ago, and is well controlled by a cortisone inhalation (Novopulmon). I have used this both morning and evening every day, mainly as a precaution during the pandemic. Should it be enough to inhale only once, in the morning? Is this preferable for my general health? (I moved fromDenmark to Lund 7 years ago, and understand spoken and written Swedish well)


Well my recommendation is that you keep on taking Novopulmon twice daily. In that way you have the best chance of getting an optimal effect of the medication. There is also some intersting data suggesting that this kind of medication may have a positive effect agains covid-19 . so keep on taking twice daily

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