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HPV-vaccineringen har inte nått målen

Folkhälsomyndigheten har satt som mål att minst 90 procent av de svenska flickorna ska HPV-vaccineras. Men ännu har inte målet nåtts och skillnaderna mellan olika regioner är stor.

Vaccinet skyddar mot flera typer av HPV-virus som orsakar en stor del av all livmoderhalscancer. Sedan 2012 ingår vaccinationen i det allmänna vaccinationsprogrammet för barn. Flickor erbjuds numera kostnadsfri vaccination i skolan.

En sammanställning gjord av Folkhälsomyndigheten och Läkemedelsverket visar nu att i snitt 82 procent av flickorna i årskurs 5 och 6 vaccinerar sig. Men det skiljer sig åt beroende på var i landet de bor. Störst andel vaccinerade finns i Värmland, följt av Västernorrland, rapporterar Dagens Medicin. Lägst andel vaccinerade finns i Sörmland. En del av förklaringen kan, enligt rapporten, vara att vaccinationen erbjudits vid olika tidpunkter.


Ann Lindstrand, barnläkare och enhetschef vid Folkhälsomyndigheten, säger till Dagens Medicin att hon hoppas att andelen vaccinerade ska öka.

– Man har sett från länder som Norge, som haft vaccineringen längre, att täckningen har segat sig upp efter ett tag.


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  • Avatar Tidigare användare 2015-08-9 08:14 (9 år sen)

    Center for Disease Control: Studies have shown that 70% of new HPV infections clear whiitn one year, as many a 91% clear whiitn two years. The median duration of new infections is typically eight months. HPV-16 is more likely to persist that other HPV types; however most HPV-16 infections become undetecable whiitn two years. The gradual development of an effective immune response is thought to be the likely mechanism for HPV DNA clearance. I was recently diagnosed with HPV so I have been doing some research. There will be negative and pessimistic people that will try to make you feel depressed by telling you that you will have the virus for life and there is nothing you can do about it. However, they are getting their information from old, out-dated information. It is similar to how it was previously thought that masturbating can make a person turn crazy. Obviously we have had scientific studies since then that have proved this theory wrong. In theory, the virus will stay in your body forever because technically your immune system supresses and eradicates it, but a small trace amount will stay in your system. This theory also holds that chicken pox, the common cold, and the flu all are technically still in your body as well. Are you going to be depressed that the chicken pox virus from when you were 8-years-old is still in your body? Are you going to be depressed that you got the stomach flu on Christmas 10 years ago and technically it's still in your body?I suggest reading the book The Secret and practicing the Law of Attraction. The book will explain what it is. Basically, stop being depressed and scared about it. Think of your immune system as strong and powerful and able to fight off your virus. Think of the virus as slowly disappearing. It is mind over matter. Studies have proved that thinking positively and your health has the power to heal your illness. If you become depressed and scared, your immune system will be low and then it won't be able to fight the infection as well. There are many successful treatments for the symptoms of the virus. There are two different types of HPV: low risk and high risk. Low risk does not cause cancer and causes genital warts. High risk does not cause genital warts but a small percentage of people develop cancer from it. If you have low risk, it won't have any negative effects on your health. It will only cause ugly warts on your genital area. If you have high risk type, get pap smears every 6 months to make sure you don't develop cervical cancer. As long as you are monitored by a good doctor, they will be able to catch it early if it develops. As far as genital warts, there are tons of treatment options. There is a cream called Aldara that helps your immune system to fight the warts. There are also treatments that your doctor can perform on you to remove them such as TCA peels, and putting chemincals on the warts to make them fall off. The doctor can also surgically remove them if other treatments don't work.Next week I am going to Planned Parenthood to have a TCA peel to remove my warts. They quoted me that it will only cost around $87. It is A LOT cheaper then a regular gyno so I highly suggest going there if you have warts that you want removed. Don't be depressed!!! It is our societal practice to stigmatize and shame people that have STDs. The theory is that if it is so shameful and embarassing, people will be more motivated to practice safe sex. But the reality is that HPV is the most common STD in American and most people have had the virus and some point in their lives. Just be happy you don't have HIV. LOL I kind of compare getting HPV to getting a disorderly conduct charge and HIV to being charged with first-degree murder. This analogy tries to get across the poing that HPV is really the least serious STD to get and it is really no big deal. However, I don't even think HIV is as bad as a first-degree murder charge because treatments are advanceing and the average person with HIV lives 10 years after exposure. Good luck and I wish you the best! Start being as healthy as possible and you will fight off your virus!

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